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Root Beer


1 cup table sugar [alias cane sugar or sucrose]
1 Tbls Zatarains's or Hires Root Beer Extract
1/4 teaspoon powdered baker's yeast or baking yeast (fresh and active)
clean 2 liter plastic soft drink bottle with cap


1) With a dry funnel, add in sequence sugar then yeast.
2) Shake to distribute the sugar and yeast.
3) Swirl the sugar/yeast mixture in the bottom to make it concave (to catch the extract)
4) add 1 Tbl of root beer extract
5) Half fill the bottle with fresh cool tap water (the less chlorine, the better). Rinse in the extract which sticks to the tablespoon and funnel.
6) Swirl to dissolve the ingredients.
7) Fill up to the neck of the bottle with fresh cool tap water, leaving about an inch of head space, securely screw down the cap to seal. Invert repeatedly to thoroughly dissolve.
8) Place at room temperature about three to four days until the bottle feels hard to a forceful squeeze. Move to a cool place (below 65 F) refrigerate overnight to thoroughly chill before serving. Crack the lid of the thoroughly chilled root beer just a little to release the pressure slowly.


NOTE: Do not leave the finished root beer in a warm place once the bottle feels hard. After a couple weeks or so at room temperature, especially in the summer when the temperature is high, enough pressure may build up to explode. Danger of this is finished when the root beer is refrigerated.

Source: David B. Fankhauser, PhD Professor of Biology and Chemistry U.C. Clermont College Batavia OH 45103

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