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Spitzkuchen (Pointed cake)


4 EL honey
2 EL Sonnenblumen??l
1 egg
1 ¬? tl living cake spice
1 gestr. Tl abraded bowl of an untreated orange
4 EL orange juice
250 g flour (type 1050)
1 EL cocoa
1 tl baking powder
50 g chopped almonds
30 g tender bitter chocolate (70% cocoa portion)
Flour for the work surface
Baking paper


Honey and oil in a small pot slowly warm up, afterwards into a dish give. Agitate egg, spice mixture, orange bowl and orange juice under the warm mass. Flour and cocoa with baking powder mix, on which honey mixture sieved, under-agitated and under-kneaded.

On a bemehlten surface through-knead the paste, pull apart and the almonds under-work. The paste halve, which form halves to 32 cm long roles of approx. 2.5-3 cm diameters and place about 20 minutes coolly.

The furnace on 180 ¬?C preheat. The sheet metal with baking paper lay out. The roles on the sheet metal put to press and easily flat. In the furnace 20-25 minutes bake, afterwards cooling leave.

Each role into 14 triangles cut. The chocolate in the Wasserbad melt, which let still warm pointed cake thereby brush-in and dry.


Yield: 28 pieces

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